10.  “World So Cold” by Three Days Grace

I won’t lie; this song doesn’t compare to their earlier stuff.  You are probably thinking that since it is on my “top ten” list for 2010 then it has to be good.  The Problem is many of you know my favorite bands are Duran Duran and No Doubt.  So the chance of me even liking ten songs are…remote (holds up TV remote).  But none the less, this song makes my list as the obligatory “Rock” song…if this is what Rock is nowadays.

9.  “Animal” by Neon Trees

The ONLY reason this song even makes my list is because it seems like a happy tune that you can tap your steering wheel to as you drive and listen.  Again, this just reflects a weak year of music for the Billboard Top 100.  It’s a funny analogy created to reflect your feelings…but still kinda weak.

8.  “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz

This isn’t really my style.  It’s a little too slow for me in my R & B realm of songs, but my wife likes to shake her booty to it.  A matter of fact she demanded it be played at our wedding.  Any song that makes my wife grind on me or give me a lap dance is a winner in my book.  Thanks Trey.

7.  “Rude Boy” by Rihanna

This song is caked with sexual innuendos.  And I love that.  Aside from seeing Rihanna shake her great behind in the video, it’s actually a pretty cool song.  People normally don’t associate me with Rihanna, but I really enjoy her stuff.  Her lyrics are pretty tight and the song melodies are always on target.  This song is a little slower than her usual stuff, but it’s something you can still get your groove to.  

6.  Dynamite by Taio Cruz

A MAJOR upgrade compared to “Break your Heart’s” atrocious message.  Let’s be honest, this song has no substance or true meaning.  It just has a nice beat you can dance to at the bar, and that is ok.  I don’t rate these songs based on lyrical value or their contributions to society.  I rate them on how fun they are to dance to when I am drunk.  Usually.  This song makes it to number 6 based on reading some kid’s version of the lyrics that go “I throw my sandwich in the air sometimes, saying I ordered Mayo!  Cause we gonna bite this club, we gonna chew all night,” etc.

5.  Airplanes by B.o.B Featuring Hayley Williams

This is probably the best actual song on this list.  Great visuals come to mind when examining the lyrics and it feels like it was written with passion.  Hayley Williams was a great addition to sing the refrain.  IF you can find the version with Eminem you will be pleasantly surprised.  Well written, meaningful and executed nicely.  Good job.

4.  Telephone by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce

The girl looks like a moron, by seriously, Gaga can write catchy music.  As someone who enjoys “sippin’ bub” I know what it’s like to be interrupted at the club by my cell.  Or not.  But seriously, an odd pairing but the two do well together in this song.  Completely catchy and a great song to dance to at the club.  There are certain songs that get played at a bar that you cannot help but dance to and this is one of them.

3.  Sexy Bitch by David Guetta Featuring Akon

Technically a song from 2009, but it carried WELL into 2010.  The first quarter of the year was STILL dominated by this song.  One of the sexiest beats I’ve heard in a long time and a great job by Akon.  I want this song playing in the strip club or when I am driving fast at night.  A killer bass = easy to get into the dance flow on the floor.  Fo’ Real.  I’m fairly sure I nearly fell over drunk to this song on my Birthday this year.

2.  We R Who We R by Ke$ha

She’s ugly.  I hate what she stands for.  But I will never deny this girl can write both catchy lyrics and awesome beats.  I do respect people more if they write their own shit.  Ok, Ke$ha is not the next John Lennon…but in a world of poppy autotune, she is the queen right now.  I actually enjoy the message of this song, and it is a killer dance song.  Make sure you check out the music parody on “BarleyPolitical” on Youtube.  And don’t give me this bullshit that she wrote it about the kids who killed themselves.  I enjoy this because as cliché as it is…I am who I am.  Those who know me well know I follow the beat of my own drum, so mad props Keh-dollar sign-sha.

1. Like A G6 by Far*East Movement Featuring Cataracs & Dev

I still don’t know what a G6 is, but this is one of the best dance songs I have come across in the last ten years.  I mean I absolutely LOVE this song.  “Getting Slizzerd?”  Are you kidding me?  Genius lyrics!  Never have I found in today’s music a song that matches my bar persona so well than this.  I feel right at home as I am donned in my dual multi color swatches, matching bright Nike throwbacks and a pair of aviators.  This is the song I envision entering every bar and club to.  Yeah.  I’m THAT guy.  You can find me on the dance floor surrounded by my busty brunette wife, my tall, fly, blonde sister-in-law and Furious Nicky D doin’ it right to this song…as I sip my Malibu Bay Breeze…

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