Classic - A Poem by Joe McDonald

We are each unique in some way.
How unique?  Well, I can’t say.

Some do sports or play the guitar,
Some live on Earth and some live on Mars.

I can’t and don’t want to speak for you,
Talk about me?  Now that I can do.

Eighties music, Mustangs and being real,
Dreams into reality are a big deal.

Writing on paper is nice and neat,
But creating your life is a far better feat.

Dreams are empty unless they come true,
What you want to happen is up to you.

No, people can’t tell you what to think or dream,
Letting them stop you is the real shame.

Classic is who I am and what I’m about,
I’m a dreamer by profession, there’s no doubt.

I’m a triple non-conformist throw back,
I like what I like so take that.

I don’t believe in fakes or changing for you,
Accept me for what I say and what I do.

It also goes reverse, stay as you are,
And go for the Eagle and not the par.

I’m one of a kind; an eighty-five of spades,
I beat the 13th school year and bad grades.

Leave your body and find your interior,
Only impress that person in the mirror.

Being Classic is around and alive,
And I’ve been doing it since 1985

The Definition for Joseph Patrick McDonald II - A Poem by Joe McDonald

My name is anything I want it to be,
My name is my name and only for me…

 My name is Italian.  Irish and Scottish too,
My name is Halloween costumes that go boo.
My name is Chichester and St. Joe’s,
My name is family life high and lows.
My name is a Mustang that I drive,
My name is Hooters girls that wave when I arrive.
My name is going out late whenever I can,
My name is bones that never break but do bend.
My name is English and all of its verbs,
My name is a garden where I grow herbs.
My name is a dark, small room,
My name is a party where the music can boom.
My name is the gym where I work out,
My name is “Classic,” there no doubt.
My name is “making an offer you can’t refuse,”
My name is never letting myself down to lose.

My name is anything I want it to be,
My name is my name and only for me…