Welcome to the website boys and girls!  I'm Classic Joey Mac, the owner and operator of this site.

I made this website to share my creative side with the world.  I encourage you to check everything out, and please let me know what you think.  Being creative is a passion of mine, and this will be the place where I house my creations.  I hope you enjoy!

The Pages

The Essential Classic :  My biography and useful (or less) facts about moi.  Aside from the biography, I’ll probably add things that relate to me such as “top 10” lists, surveys or whatever else I come up with. 

An Aesthetic Dream World :  This is my blog.  Whenever I have an opinion, thought or update I’ll be writing it here.  Emotions often run strong to sarcastic, but topics vary greatly.

Alluring Images :  Pics of me or things I take pics of.  Could be random or half-assed attempts by me to look “cool.”

Picturesque Cinema :  Videos, skits or random movies I make.  You can also go to my Youtube account. 

Mystical Tales & Poetry :  Any Creative Writing I have done or continue to do will be here for your enjoyment.  Make sure to Hover over the "Mystical Tales & Poetry" link so you can view my writing by type.  (i.e. If you only want to view "Short Stories" then click on that link.)

The Book of Guest :  A Thread I created where you can share your thoughts on the site or of me.  Keep it clean!  I'm just kidding, you can get down and dirty.

Sublime Contact :  Lists all the various ways to get in touch with me or add me on various social network websites.  (Email, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)