I had heard about a website that listed the last meal requests of those on death row.  It goes into detail about what food they wanted, who the prisoner was and what they did to get onto Death Row.  Interesting indeed.  The website is as follows.


I found the requests fascinating.  I tried to understand the psyche of the person that was requesting their meal…but it is difficult.  Cherry Cola and Walnuts?  A basket of Fruit?  A dozen Chili Dogs with the works? 

One, we must understand these are stone cold killers.  They are about to die and basically the only thing standing between waking up that day and certain death is what could be an outstanding meal.  Some take advantage of this, and who is to blame them, and order like a dozen things to eat.  These people are given about a week to decide what they would like to eat on their last day.  So there is certainly thought that goes into this decision.

Some refuse the special meal.  I imagine this is in protest, or perhaps they do not care since they are about to die. 

After reading the meal requests and doing research on the subject, I was forced to give pause.  If I was on Death Row and knew I was about to die…what meal would I request?  Would I put a lot of thought into the request?  Or would I not even care because I would know that meal doesn’t mean anything…and I’m going to die anyway.

I like to think that I would put thought into my meal request.  True, a part of me would think it silly since I’d be dead and the stupid meal wouldn’t save me…but then again I’d want my last few hours to count.  What the hell would the point be just sitting on a cot counting down the minutes? 

The last meal of a person could be their last chance at a legacy as well.  Would I want to be the guy known for JUST killing some people…or would I rather people remember me for my last meal?

I obviously cannot put myself into the position as if I was pretending I was going to die on Death Row and get into that Psyche.  BUT…I can at least think about a potential choice as my last meal.  Drum roll please…

My last meal would be a hot plate of Manicotti, a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald’s with lettuce, onions, ketchup and Mayo, two Apple Cider donuts, a large order of French Fries, Onion Rings, a slice of cheese pizza, a bagel with cream cheese, a glass of Chocolate Milk, a cream soda, A Pepsi, a banana daiquiri, a strawberry frosted donut, a slice of Sweet Potato pie and…two packets of creamer. 

Food for Food…I can’t be TOO sure if that is exactly what I would order, but close enough.  Again…if I was going to die in a week, I can’t be sure how my decision would play out.  But knowing me, I’d draw on the things I KNOW I would love to eat.  I believe I’m the kind of person who would rationalize making that meal the best meal of my life…because it would be my last.  There is a certain self awareness or rationality that would most likely take over my entire decision-making process…and FORCE me to eat things I like.  Who knows, I could get nostalgic and ask for a PB and J sandwich with cheese curls and a tall glass of strawberry milk. 

The truth is…we can’t give an answer to a hypothetical such as “if you were on Death Row and about to die…what meal would you request as your last?”  Because as logical thinkers, most of you/us would respond saying “there are more important things to think about than a damn meal!”  However…that last meal is not only the last thing you eat…but the last decision you make on Earth.  Just like these inmates CHOSE to gun down an elderly couple once upon a time…they will have to make one more decision that shall affect them for, literally, the rest of their life. 

I have no problem with you all giving opinions on the death penalty, but I’d really like to have your thoughts on the following:

1.   What would you potentially order as your last meal?

2.  Is the last meal as important as I am saying?  Does this LAST decision really matter?

3.  Is it just me…or is the meal choice of a notorious killer really that fascinating?

4.  Joe, why are you so handsome, etc…

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