Note:  I wrote this in 2009 and want to archive it.

On to the second blog.  I was at work during lunch surfing the web.  I often go to Yahoo, check my fantasy baseball team and then check the headlines.

The last article I read was on Michael Vick.  Apparently former NFL coach Tony Dungy went to visit Vick in jail.  Dungy is HUGE in prison ministry and does a lot charity; he is a good man.  The article did not
bother me in the least.  I think it showed how classy Dungy was for trying to help a misfit such as Vick.

What bothered me were the reader comments.  You can comment on most
Yahoo articles, and I have to be honest…it was just brutal.  I can’t tell you how many people wrote things like “Vick is in jail because he is black and rich” or “Vick didn’t kill anyone, he just tortured some dogs.”  And it goes on and on like that.

In response you had idiot responses to the above comments such as “That stupid n*&&er belongs there.”  I remember a quote from X-men where Beast says “You cannot reason with closed minds.”  Damn
if that blue mutant wasn’t right.

First of all, Michael Vick broke the law.  His skin color, finances and age had nothing to do with it.  I enjoy conspiracy theories, and
admit there are some shady things out there concerning crime and racism…but this is NOT one of those times!  The guy was part of a dog fighting ring where dogs were trained, beaten and tortured to death.
Morally I think this is a disgrace to treat any animal OR person in such a manner.  Vick was lucky that he only got two years.  To me it says something about YOUR character if you don’t think this is a big deal,
because it is.  That’s right, Joey Mac is preaching on his peddle stool for once.  DOG FIGHTING IS BAD.  It is inhumane and cruel.  And to all you haters that were bringing up cockfighting and bullfighting…what do you want me to say?  I think that is barbaric too.  I do not approve!  Putting animals up against one another to watch them fight to death for our own amusement is just morally, ethically and socially wrong.

This is not a time for whites OR blacks to band together against one another and debate if this is a race issue.  It’s not!  And it
shouldn’t be looked at as one either.  Instead, this country should realize that such a brutal act is wrong no matter what your skin color is.  In all honesty, it’s 2009 and we should be beyond any type of
race issue but we aren’t.  The term “reverse racism” is idiotic as well.  If a black woman calls me a “cracka” and is serious (true
story) that is racism.  We have a black president that some people hate
because he is black!  At a time where the country is falling apart, I have heard people talk about his skin color instead of what he is doing to help the economy.  Ludacris!

Racism, to me, is becoming more and more accepted as the years go on too.  As if “well it’s always going to be blacks doing this and
whites doing this.”  What the hell has happened to any strides taken to unify?  Too many white morons using slurs and being bigots and too many blacks using racism as an excuse when the time comes.  I have many black friends and grew up in a very diverse town in Pennsylvania.  Maybe
it’s because I grew up around African Americans, Latinos, etc. that I am just able to shrug off skin color and realize we all live on this Earth.  I don’t give a damn what color your skin is, your religion, etc.  All I know is I share the same Earth as everyone else and I am more worried about solving problems than being a racist in inane

For me I just don’t even see why a white man would want to put Michael Vick down for being “young, black and rich.”  What does he get out of it?  Are the white politicians handing out freebies to me for
being white?  NO!  So what the hell does anyone get out of Vick being in jail or not.  Maybe I’m just naïve.  Racism seems so outdated to me.  We should be so far beyond this.  It’s the color of skin!  How absurd is it that some people are treated differently due to skin color?   It’s idiotic! 

People are sent to jail for doing the wrong thing.  Michael Vick did the wrong thing.  He went to jail.  You have two issues here:  the first is accepting that what he did WAS wrong and IS!  The second is accepting
that his skin color had nothing to do with what he did.

Racism is, unfortunately, alive and well.  Many of you read about that police officer that pulled over the Houston Texans’ running back while his mother-in-law was dying.  THAT was racism.  That man should have been persecuted for being such a bigot piece of trash.  Putting Michael
Vick, the dog killer, in jail, was not racism.  That was justice. 

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