Note:  I wrote this February 2009 and am uploading as a way to archive on my own site. 


If there is ever a topic I am passionate about it’s got to be Valentine’s Day.  In addition to being born on it (turning 24 this Saturday), I am also a HUGE proponent of the holiday.  There is no holiday, at least none that I know of, that gets so much negative publicity by people than Valentine’s Day.  It’s sad.  Scratch that, it’s pathetic!

Allow me to paint a picture.  From my early teenage years up until I turned 21 I never had a Valentine!  NEVER.  Not even a girlfriend for that matter.  Does it suck being alone on both your birthday AND Valentine’s Day.  You bet!  But though I may have been lonely, I constantly preached to my friends “Celebrate and show love to your significant other.” 

I admit that three of the last four Valentine’s Day, including this Saturday, I have been fortunate enough to have someone to spend V-Day with.  Was it Fantastic?  Of course!  I was so excited in 2006 to go out with someone and celebrate.  I am eagerly anticipating this weekend with my love, Michelle. 

That all said, Valentine’s Day gets such a bad rap.  I HATE when people call it a “Hallmark” holiday.  Grrr…the ignorance of people.  The true meaning of St. Valentine’s Day is showing love. 

The origins of the holiday vary.  The most famous of all stories would be that of St. Valentine of the Roman Empire.  Emperor Claudius, at the time, ruled over the empire and waged may unsuccessful wars.  He called upon all men to fight these futile wars for him…the problem was that most men did not want to leave their significant others.  This angered Claudius.  He banned Marriage and cancelled all engagements. 

St. Valentine, a priest at the time, secretly married couples anyway.  Wedding people in secret was quite a risk for a priest to take, and eventually Claudius found out and imprisoned Valentine.  Val died in prison, but was at least given a proper burial.  Valentine is a martyr of love…he felt passionate enough about the sanctity of love and the sacrament of Matrimony that he risked his life to continue to wed couples.

Valentine’s Day is not about buying expensive gifts or trying to impress others.  It’s certainly not about going out to a bar with the intention of getting laid either.  It’s about expressing love.  How can that be a bad thing?  It’s especially a tragedy when single people trash the holiday because they are feeling envious.  I was single for so long…lonely, depressed and confused.  YET I still knew the roots and meaning of Valentine’s Day and could take solace in knowing that many others were enjoying themselves on that eve. 

Instead of being miserable, go out with some friends that are also single and comfort one another.  Or go out and try to find a “Valentine” to talk with and just have a fun time.  I know, easier said than done…but it beats trashing a holiday that is VERY meaningful because you are jealous or upset.  There is no reason for anyone “hate” the day because they are alone.  Yeah, it does suck but there are other options!  Do not let loneliness take over!

Look, I know I am a child of Aphrodite and all of that.  I don’t just support the holiday because I was born on it either.  I Believe in it.  I believe in its meaning and I believe in showing love.  Instead of fancy gifts like rings or watches, try cooking your girlfriend dinner or giving your man a back massage.  I also understand the sexy side of it as well.  Stalking chicks out at the bar is not what Valentine’s Day is all about.  However a wild night of passion with your lingerie-clad girlfriend is conceivable. 

And yes I am stupid enough to admit that was a hint to Shelly.  LOLz!

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