Oh, how I miss those long college breaks in-between semesters.  Those breaks were my way to recharge and get ready for another 16 week suicide studyfest.  That time of my life may be over, but I was able to go back in time and have one of the best weeks in recent memory over the holiday break.

I took off 10 days from work due to Christmas and New Years.  I do this every year because it is such a hectic time that I feel like I should be around to visit people and also enjoy myself during the holidays.  I don’t like having to worry about work when my family and friends are around.  Usually my break is relatively uneventful and, at times, painful with terrible gatherings I rather not be a part of.  This year was quite different as I will describe from memory (that is what I can remember from it haha!).

Christmas was special as my fiancé Michelle surprised me Christmas morning by jumping into my bed at 8 in the morning.  I had no clue she was coming; I didn’t think I’d be seeing here until later.  She is so great (sigh).  It was a busy Christmas visiting our families, plus she had to work from 2pm-10pm.  We managed to squeeze in everyone though.

Saturday night me, Michelle and Betha went out to get crunk in Dub-C (West Chester).  We had a pretty decent time all in all.  Sunday I hung out with the cousins and Monday all of the gang filmed a new movie (Coming Soon!).  That was an interesting experience as usual.

Tuesday me and Michelle looked at houses all day and found a few that we really fell in love with.  That was exciting, but quite exhausting.  You may think looking at houses is easy; try doing 12 different ones in a single day.

Basically Monday night until Sunday afternoon I hung at Michelle’s Dad’s(minus house hunting on Tuesday).  I had such a fun time hanging with Betha (and Michelle and her Dad when they were around).  We basically stayed up and watched movies, played video games, hung in the hot tub, and went to bars and dive diners.  I felt like I could just hang out and have fun…the way I always wanted life to be.  It was so carefree and just fun.  It really is like having the sister I never had.

New Years was extremely fun.  Basically we all got drunk and played board games.  I can’t think of a better time really and that was the best way to end 2009 and go into 2010.

My break is over and I have work but I won’t forget how much fun this week was.