It’s been a little over a week.  I apologize; I have been spending more time away from the computer in my evenings.  May is a busy time with everyone around me graduating, having parties, etc.  However I am also using some of my time for, well, ME!  Last night I went to the
Dragon Gym Martial Arts studio and got myself a massage.  The girl who
did the massage has a private suite in the gym.  And it felt fantastic.  I feel looser.  Being at the Dragon gym did not help my itch to get back into Martial Arts, but that is another story.

Today I vowed I would write a blog…and I am writing two.  The reason being that I came across two fairly interesting topics today and I feel compelled to address both.  So it’s a 2 for 1 deal mi amigos y amigas!

I will go in chronological order of when I first came across the topics.  My routine in the morning is pretty much the same every
weekday.  I crossed the bridge to get into Jersey, heading towards my job.  Every morning I listen to sports radio.  I have no idea why it came up, but the topic of Madonna trying to adopt a child in Africa was up for discussion.  A man called in and started trashing her for adopting an African child when there are plenty of kids here in America that need to be adopted. 

Keep in mind…I wanted to get the score from the ball game last night, but instead got this topic.  His comment irked me and festered as I continued on my way to work.  When, as a collective group of people, did
we decide it is a bad thing to help anyone?  This may be more controversial than you are used to hearing from me.  I just couldn’t
relate to the man on the radio who was screaming that we need to adopt kids in the United States only. 

I’m a big believer in helping everyone and anyone.  Does a starving Japanese girl or a sick African not deserve adoption?  Should the French only adopt homeless French kids?  I know a lot of people here believe
that we need to take care of our own first…I’m just giving the point of view that I would NOT be upset if a French couple adopted an American boy with the intentions of helping him.  Why should I get upset that an
American woman wants to help an African kid?  (FYI I think Madonna is a Brit, but I am trying to make a point here)

I am not an unpatriotic person; I live and grew up in the United States.  I do appreciate all of the pleasures and freedoms we have as a nation.  However in my mind I put the needs of the world ahead of just
one country, even my own.  The ozone layer is deteriorating; is the sun just going to burn a hole on China?  Or is it going to affect the rest of us in some way as well.  When the ocean level rises due to an iceberg melting in the caps…is the United States going to however above ground
to a safe level?  Probably not.

I’m not a left wing nut job or a right wing extremist…I’m some guy people have called “Classic” since 1996.  I keeps it real. 

All I am saying is, why do we shun a kid in Africa being helped?  Instead we should be happy another kid is getting the care they deserve.  We should be praising those that help American children instead of shunning someone who helps a kid in Asia.  Our problems are not worse than everyone else’s in the world.  Every country has problems.  Every person on Earth has a problem.  Stop concentrating on the negative and start coming up with solutions to help more people. 

I could easily sit here and say African kids have it worse than us, but I’d be a hypocrite.  I just got done saying that our problems are not worse than theirs, and vice versa!  One of my former blogs was about how I have my own problems and that they are the worst to me because I go through them.  I went further to say I am fully aware that a starving kid with no home has a worse life with me…but I don’t live that life.
The same is applied her; a starving kid in the USA feels the exact same emptiness as a kid starving in Africa.

A lot of people dwell on how we need to help our own people and forget everyone else.  We forget that a lot of people help our kids too.  That guy on the phone screaming about helping American kids probably has
never adopted anyone.  Too many people are on the sidelines ready to pounce of those who help non-American kids, but I bet you they have never adopted any American kids. 

Everyone needs help.  The same argument can be made for “Buy American Only” or “Hire Americans instead of Mexicans” blah blah blah.  I am not sitting here saying we shouldn’t take care of Americans…but why
do I want the government to pump billions of dollars into a failing American car industry when all they have done lately is make huge gas guzzling trucks.  Get those thousands of workers to another car maker
that produces efficient cars with better technology.  See, I am not suggesting we lay off all those Americans and let them die.  I’m suggesting change your technology and philosophy and get those hard working Americans back to work.  Don’t set them up to fail again.

I’m a believer that we take the best of everything and put it together.  Probably a reason why I hate our political system.  We have two distinctly different parties…and only one can win.  Idiots, why not collaborate and take the best points from each party to fix the currentstate of affairs.  Why can’t we all embrace the fact that a lot of
different people have great ideas…and we don’t have to just pick one!
We need to help one another instead of persecuting everyone else.

I am advocating for togetherness.  You don’t have to agree with me.
I just think that we lost view of the big picture as a country.  Too
many people are pointing fingers instead of holding hands.

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