Note:  I wrote this February 2009.  I am uploading a few Blogs from myspace as a way to Archive on my own site.
So Alex Rodriquez has admitted that he too has taken steroids.  This hurts; it hurts me, Major League baseball and probably millions of ball fans.  I can’t say A-Rod was the most likeable superstar in the MLB, but compared to arrogant jerks like Barry Bonds, he was worth rooting for.  I never really was a personal fan of Alex as a baseball player.  I will admit though I was secretly rooting for him to break all homerun records that way a truly “clean” ballplayer could once more regain the glory of old.  Alas…that will not be happening.  If A-Rod breaks the all-time Home run record…it will only put a darker cloud on the record.

With A-Rod’s credibility now diminished, what is left?  I pose this question to you internet world…WHAT IS LEFT?!  Who do the fans of baseball root for?  There is no one left!  No one else has a chance to break the Home Run record.  And at this point every time a new Superstar admits steroid use, more and more of us suspect every star between 1987 – 2005 was juicing.  Was it illegal?  Up until 2003, no.  But what about the moral issues, damnit.  I had to watch Roger Maris’ historic record shattered by that FREAK Big Mac. 

I’m realistic to know that not EVERY player that was great in the 90s was on steroids.  But it has become increasingly obvious that many more were than we all originally suspected.  I feel bad for people like Schilling, Maddux, etc. that have many legit records in that era…and only time will tell if people just ignore the 90’s baseball era all together.  There is such a dark cloud that legit players will not get the respect they deserve.  And sadly…we don’t even know who really is legit anymore.

I give Alex credit for fessin’ up…but he broke the hearts of many.  He will never be looked at the same now and all we can do now is hope a natural talent will rise from the ashes and dominate baseball.

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